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Design of fabric patterns

Designing, creating and selling printed fabrics gives us great satisfaction. Our graphic team keeps abreast of global design trends and draws inspiration from them to meet 100% of the growing market expectations. Basing on many years of experience, creativity and constant development we undertake the most demanding projects.

Designing fabric patterns is our passion, which results in unique, energetic patterns in any style, which conquer the hearts of our customers with their refinement of details and original character. The unique aesthetics and freshness of our designs are appreciated by amateurs of original solutions. We are flexible and open for cooperation - anyone can make use of our design service. We also design for the baby industry - including nappies (thanks to our dye safety certificates), fabrics for prams, clothing, various accessories.

The time of preparation of a pattern depends on its complexity and individual customer's expectations. In the case of designing a fabric pattern for an individual order - the customer receives a guarantee of exclusivity. We print fabric samples and coupons (short pieces of fabric which are sufficient to sew e.g. one piece of garment).

Do you have an interesting idea? We will gladly realise it! Starting with designing a pattern, through making a print on the fabric to selling the printed fabric.

Grafik w trakcie pracy nad projektowaniem wzorów tkanin


  • Clothing pattern designs

  • Decorative pattern designs

  • Own collections

  • Short lead time

  • Modern design

  • Richness of colours

Examples of work

Here you will see generally available examples of works commissioned by our clients. Confidentiality towards our partners does not allow us to publish patterns that we have made for them or that they have provided to us. We are loyal to all our customers and we respect their trade secrets.

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Enter your industry (e.g. clothing, decoration, pet supplies):

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