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  • Kolorowe tkaniny drukowane
    waterproof fabrics

Printed waterproof fabrics

Sublima provides fabrics printed with character, distinguished by precise reproduction of colours and patterns. In our regular sales offer we have high class waterproof fabrics, on which we realise sublimation printing according to the customer's wish.

  • Weight 200 gr/m2
  • Width 160 cm
  • Full waterproofness

Applications of waterproof fabrics

Durability and strength of fabrics translates into their versatile use in production of prams, pet beds, bags, backpacks, cosmetics bags, kidneys, covers, deckchairs, pouffes, umbrellas or advertising banners. Resistance to moisture and dirt makes waterproof fabrics ideal for outdoor use in all weather conditions.

High quality printed fabrics

Fabrics printed by Sublima will meet the expectations of demanding customers from various industries. Professional sublimation print made on waterproof fabrics guarantees the intensity of colours. Unusual design and bold colour combinations make the finished products sewn from the fabrics prepared by Sublima attractive and pleasing to the eye.

We invite you to cooperate and make use of the comprehensive offer of our textile and knitted fabric printing house - we have also been successfully dealing with designing fabric patterns for a long time.

Examples of work

Here you will see generally available examples of works commissioned by our clients. Confidentiality towards our partners does not allow us to publish patterns that we have made for them or that they have provided to us. We are loyal to all our customers and we respect their trade secrets.

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